REPORT: Man dies after couple took product found on shelf to treat coronavirus, media outlet blaming Trump

MARCH 24, 2020

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An Arizona man has died and his wife is in critical condition after they both took the drug chloroquine phosphate, which is an ingredient found in fish tank cleaner. The additive is also found in an anti-malaria medication which has been touted as a treatment for coronavirus despite a lack of study on it or approval by federal health agencies.

The couple, both in their 60s, required immediate hospital assistance within 30 minutes of ingesting the drug, which is normally used at aquariums to clean fish tanks, according to Banner Health, which is headquartered in Arizona.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, we understand that people are trying to find new ways to prevent or treat this virus, but self-medicating is not the way to do so,” said Dr. Daniel Brooks, Banner Poison and Drug Information Center medical director. “The last thing that we want right now is to inundate our emergency departments with patients who believe they found a vague and risky solution that could potentially jeopardize their health.”

The report states that the man could not be revived, but his wife was able to throw up much of the drug she had ingested.

What they took was “not the malaria medication form of chloroquine, but an ingredient listed on a parasite treatment for fish,” the report states.

The woman told NBC News later in an interview that she had watched the coronavirus task force briefings on television, and heard President Trump talked about the potential benefits of chloroquine. She saw a product on her shelf which she had previously used to treat her koi fish, and thought that was the same thing.

“I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, ‘Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV?'”

The woman, who doesn’t want to be named, said she and her husband put some of the product in a drink, thinking it would prevent them from getting coronavirus. Within minutes they became sick, and she called 911.

Some media outlets are claiming the couple took the same drug President Trump was referring to.

The Hill’s Twitter post on the story reads, “Man dies after taking malaria medication touted by Trump as possible cure for coronavirus.”

One Twitter user responded, “IT WAS FISH TANK CLEANER. Correct your lame ass fake news headline!”

Another Twitter user wrote, “How about “Man dies after self medicating with poisonous fish tank cleaner he mistakes for corona drug”
There, fixed it for you. @thehill.”

“He took fish tank chemical. Really blame Trump fir that – amazing,” another person wrote.

“Look like Trump has some new lawsuits on his hands,” Frank wrote.

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