REPORT: Pastor who prophesied Kanye West’s transformation predicts this about Trump

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

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Shawn Bolz, a prominent pastor in Los Angeles who has prophesied about many things from Kanye West to President Trump, told Fox News his number one mission is to make hearing from God normal for everyone.

The 45-year-old Christian author and speaker acknowledged that when most people think of prophecy, or “hearing from God,” they picture a subgroup of people like the bad guys in a zombie film, but “we’re trying to rebrand and dignify what it is to walk with God.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The founding pastor of Expression 58, who is married and has two daughters, 5 and 6, points to believers in the spotlight — Vice President Pence, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, artist Justin Bieber and West — who claim to hear from God on a regular basis.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Bolz discussed a prophecy he made about rapper Kanye West which came true:

Roughly four years ago, when West was hospitalized after suffering a breakdown, Bolz publicly declared several times “we aren’t ready for the coming influx of new Christians…God showed me Kanye West as a prophet and worship leader in Christianity.”

He then made a prediction about President Trump:

“I felt like Trump was going to be president twice and that he would have an encounter in his second term, more of an encounter for God and who he is and for his family,” Bolz said. “There’s going to be more boldness in the second term and it’s going to be disruptive, but I think it’s helpful because there’s so many systems in place that are old and tired, and need to be knocked down.”

Bolz said Trump will be met with “a lot of protests” but will ultimately have a positive impact.

He also predicted the pendulum is about to swing towards a new wave of Christianity and conservatism:

“I believe we’re about to hit — there’s going to be a wave of Christians and conservative people who feel empowered — where they’ve been marginalized or outside of discussions … There’s going to be a pendulum swing over the next 10 years back to the middle,” Bolz said, adding, “There’s been a war in the culture and people are wanting to fight for that.”

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Bolz posted a statement on Twitter Wednesday morning, writing, “Lord I took a risk and was interviewed by Fox News. Pray for us as our article is number one on the site today. I def. took a stand on some strong prophecies. They were highlighting my new show on TBN: Translating God”

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