REPORT: Voters report being blocked out of polling station placed inside gated community

NOVEMBER 6, 2018

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When Katherine Polizzi showed up to vote at Le Club Century Village, all she wanted to do was cast her ballot. But she describes a confrontational and unnecessary scene that mirrors complaints about the precinct received by the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office during the primary election on August 28th.

This year the precinct was moved to a building inside a private gated community in Deerfield Beach. Previously it was housed at a community center, says Polizzi.

The article goes on to state the following:

“To even get in to the gate you needed to show an ID, before you even got to the polling place itself,” Polizzi says. After voicing her concerns that the complex was being used as a public polling station, private security workers told her “too bad,” she added.

Another voter tweeted a similar complaint about the same precinct, saying “I wouldn’t show them ID and they held me at the gate and blamed me for holding the line. Precinct A014.”

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  1. Joanne November 6th, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    In Fl. you need an ID to vote. What is there problem showing that ID to get into the gates community. I live in a gated community but no voting site there. Anyone that comes into the community has to show an ID unless I call security before hand of my guest or they are on a permanent list. I think it’s strange that the voting was in a gated community but not strange that they had to show ID.


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