Rosie O’Donnell goes on another Twitter rampage against Trump


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Actress Rosie O’Donnell has ramped up her social media attacks on President Trump on a daily basis, mostly recently reverting to artsy creations in order to mock the president.

O’Donnell posted screenshots of some of Trump’s tweets, with her own remarks written across them.

She has also posted several drawings of Trump and other public figures, both on Twitter and Facebook. One was of Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat and Harvard Law School professor emeritus, who publicly stated Monday that he disagrees any claims made by Democratic lawmakers who say they have an obstruction of justice case building against the president.

Rosie wrote, “Mute him,” across a drawing of Dershowitz, wanting to hear nothing from a Democrat who spoke out in support of Trump.

She also lambasted Trump over the proclamations he signed in Utah Monday, rolling back federal land grabs from the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations.

See the tweets below.

WORST POTUS EVER #byebyetrump

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