SHARE VIDEO: DML warns President Trump of another hidden cost of illegal immigration

JANUARY 14, 2019

DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch shared a video with President Trump on Monday, drawing attention to the massive amount of money that flows out of the United States every year, as illegal aliens working in the U.S. are sending money back to their countries, instead of investing it in the U.S. economy.

Monday morning, President Trump took a swipe at the media, saying the “fake news gets crazier and more dishonest every single day.” He speculated that certain reporters covering him have “truly gone MAD,” and suggested they just take a two-week vacation.

DML responded with some REAL news, tweeting back to the president, “RealNEWS: Millions of illegal aliens r here working &sending $ back to LatinAmerica. ($69Billion in 2016 alone). A fence is nice but will take yrs & money Dems wont give you, plus it won’t deal w/aliens who r here now! Lets cut off jobs & deport. Immediate results. #DMLsolutions.”

Along with the tweet, DML shared a video of an interview with an illegal alien from Ecuador, who admitted he sends money back home to his family every week. He said his goal was to save at least $60,000 to take back to Ecuador.

Watch the video below, then please share if you agree this is a tremendous concern:

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