Sheriff’s offer of free gun training for teachers bombarded with applicants (video)

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

In response to the mass shooting at a Florida high school last Wednesday, where 17 people were gunned down in cold blood and several others critically injured, one sheriff in Ohio has jumped into action, offering FREE gun training classes for teachers.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones published a video on the sheriff department’s Facebook page on Thursday, the day after the Florida shooting, calling for changes. “We need to put armed personnel in schools. We need to look at metal detectors. This is not going to stop or go away but we need to be prepared and we don’t need to have our heads in the sand.”

Sunday, he added an announcement on Twitter, saying, “I am going to offer free concealed and Carry class free 2 teachers in butler county. Limited number. Details coming soon on line. Also training on school shootings.”

Inquiries started pouring in, and Jones posted again, “Attention Butler County School Employees: If you’re interested in our FREE CCW class, email your full name, school affiliate, and contact information to [email protected] Accepting 50 candidates. We will contact you for date / time of class.”

“Proof of employment and ID required prior to class..Any employee of any school in Butler County may apply,” he added.

“Over 50 emails in 20 minutes. Keep them coming, we will find a plan. This community rocks! #kidscomefirst!!” Sheriff Jones wrote in a Facebook post.

Despite the original offer limiting the program to 50 candidates, Jones tweeted Monday that 200 people have applied, and said he will be giving a TV interview Monday afternoon to discuss his plans to implement the gun training program.