Somali refugee takes oath of office on Koran in Minneapolis (video)

FEBRUARY 6, 2018

A.K. Hassan, a refugee from Somalia who arrived in Minneapolis in 2008, worked as a “community organizer,” and has now positioned himself within the American political system.

Hassan was elected to the District 3 seat on the Minneapolis Park Board in the November 2017 elections, and took his oath of office on January 2 – with his left hand placed firmly over the Koran. (Scroll down to see video.)

After he took his oath, promising to uphold the Constitution of the United States, Hassan then opened his Koran and declared, “In the name of the Allah….” and said “Allah has honored me… so be careful to serve all the needs of all the creation of Allah.”

According to the Minneapolis Labor Federation:

Hassan was a former teen coordinator for the Franklin Ave. library. He serves as chair of the Ventura Village neighborhood group in the Phillips Neighborhood. He’s worked as a community organizer for Minneapolis Open Streets. And he’s been the chair of the Minnesota DFL Somali-American Caucus.

In an Instagram post after he had taken his oath of office, Hassan wrote in broken English:

Tonight, I’m supper excited to took the oath of office and being elected as the vice president of MPRB. It is pleasure to serve the people of district 3 and the City of Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to serve with remarkable commissioners to ensure our parks serve everyone regardless where they live in our city. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. Especially the chair of MN DFL, Ken Martin and our newly mayor Jacob Frey. I have to give shout to our president of the MPRB, Brad Bourn! Congratulations to my fellow commissioners, Kale, Londel, Jono, Chris, LaTrisha, Steffanie, and Meg!

Below is the video of his swearing in. His remarks about Allah begin at the 11:50 minute mark. His term as commission on the Parks and Recreation Board is for four years.