Stand tall: I AM TEAM DML

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Written by DML
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ANSWER: We are a large group of Americans dedicated to delivering the truth in news.  The team consists of writers, reporters, commentators and an enormous pool of DML News listeners and readers committed to the truth in news.

Tagged as “the news you can trust,” our next stage of development includes social platforms for all Americans to share news, both local and national, without the fear of being censored.  In the weeks to come, the DML APP 2.0 will launch. Also launching is an all new website with LIVE chats and Facebook-like tools that empower all members of TEAM DML to get more involved in sharing the news and events taking shape in America and around the world.

TEAM DML is also a voice in the political debate that takes shape each day. Whether it’s fighting against DACA, or helping our fellow Americans in need, TEAM DML takes action when action is required. We are playing a role in shaping policy, and paving the way to truly make America great again.

It is time to change the way news is delivered. It is time to clear the swamp and return to the rule of law. Therefore, if you are a truth seeker, and if you are a truth teller, than you are TEAM DML. Be part of something special, and tell the world you are TEAM DML.

Our new bumper sticker is now available for sale ($5). 
Each sale helps us build TEAM DML and DML News.

All orders ship March 1, 2018. To buy online, use the BUY NOW button below. To mail in a check, make it payable to DML NEWS in the amount of $5.50.  Send to DML NEWS, PO BOX 704, Amagansett, NY 11930.