Swedish official gives strange defense of incoming migrants (video)


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Sweden’s Prime Minister from 2006 to 2014, Fredrik Reinfeldt has been a longtime proponent of mass migration into his country. Now confronted with the fact that “Swedish budget costs for migrants were more than the costs for the entire armed forces,” Reinfeldt has doubled down on his assertions that in the long term, asylum seekers are a good investment.

Comparing migrants to new babies in a family, Reinfeldt pointed out that couples bear the initial expense of raising children with the knowledge that they will someday become productive.

“I want to emphasize that there are very few who bring children into the world who say, ‘I’m really doubtful because it’s quite expensive to have children, what should they be good for? Should you put up with these costs in the first few years? There are many diapers and so on,'” he points out. “Those who were first seen as a cost will become the best investment of your life.”

According to a report in Breitbart, Stockholm University associate professor Jan Tullber found that the migrant crisis has cost Sweden approximately 14 times more than its military budget.

Reinfeldt said in an interview that Sweden “has been a country of immigrants. A country that has been open to people who came from all over the world, who entered our society and became part of our country, called themselves Swedes and helped build welfare with their efforts and work.”

The former prime minister also slammed the country’s current government’s efforts in limiting the future number of migrants, claiming they fear the rise of the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats.

Earlier this week, Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson said the Swedish Migration Board should be more focused on deporting illegals and accused employees of engaging in activism.

“I said in my speech yesterday that we do not need more asylum immigration, we need rather a net return. That is, many of those who have come here and do not need protection, who have no obvious reason to stay here and live on Swedish taxes, they will return to the country they came from,” said Åkesson.

The following video highlights the rising crime that has hit Sweden due to the influx of migrants:

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