Twitter rejects ad calling for Americans to demand Congress stop amnesty

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Written by DML
The social media liberals simply will not accept conservative voices and what they have to say.

In an email sent to me this afternoon, a claim was made that Twitter has rejected an advertisement from an organization that fights against illegal immigration. Allegedly, Twitter marked the advertisement as “hateful content.”

The emails reads:

ALIPAC Blocked: Twitter Says Calling Congress Against Amnesty Legislation is “Hateful”

For National Release
November 16, 2017
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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s efforts to encourage Americans to call members of Congress to oppose impending DACA Dream Act Amnesty legislation have been hindered by the Twitter Corporation which blocked ALIPAC’s boosted post ad claiming it is “Hateful Content.”


The advertisement is calling upon people to make a phone call to a government body that is elected to serve American citizens. Could it be that Twitter is protecting illegal aliens? Could it be that Twitter — the same company that allowed an employee to deactivate President Trump’s Twitter account — allows its employees to help influence the bills that do and do not get passed in this country?

Twitter’s Email Response Says Calling Congress Against Amnesty is Hateful

The email I received from ALIPAC goes on to say that the head of the organization cannot get Twitter to authorize his account — meaning, they won’t give him that little blue checkmark given to celebrities, journalists, public figures and notable organizations. Of course, I have not confirmed his claim, and I do know it took nearly four weeks to get mine. But if it is indeed the case, it’s pathetic. ALIPAC has been involved in the media and immigration debate longer than I have.

More from the email:

“It is time for Congress for the FEC to step in and stop corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter from using their power to influence free speech, campaigns, elections, and legislation and time for Congress to break up these monopolies and apply regulations to protect citizens from abuse as we have done with phone and power utilities,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Google, Twitter, and Facebook are all providing unequal services for us based on our creed. Our creed is our shared belief with millions of other Americans that Amnesty for illegal immigrants is destructive to America and our existing immigration laws should be enforced instead. For this creed we share, mega corporations like Twitter are targeting us for abuse, censorship, and discriminatory treatment.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC will be asking members of Congress to step in and make it clear that Silicon Valley corporations may not discriminate against any Americans based on our race, religion, gender, age, national origins or creed.

ALIPAC has faced a long history of abuse by Facebook, Google, and Twitter that has intensified since the election of Donald Trump as President.

ALIPAC is seeking legal representation to file a lawsuite against Twitter for discrimination and unequal services based on political views and creed. For more information, please visit


What ALIPAC is facing is a continued push by the left to silence the right. You can look at what is taking place with Hannity and how his advertisers are bailing out because Media Matters is attacking them all for appealing to Sean’s conservative audience. Look at Facebook and how they are blocking me from my account for “over- spamming” from my personal account, which I never use. How can I over-spam when I never use the account?

I’m no lawyer, but I am guessing it’s only a matter of time before these companies are sued for discrimination. All it takes is one person to light the fire.