UPDATE on sheriff giving firearms training to teachers

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

After the mass shooting at a Florida high school last week, one sheriff in Ohio posted an announcement, offering free gun training classes for the first 50 teachers who applied.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones was overwhelmed with responses, and has now stated that he had to cut off the requests at 300.

Friday morning, Jones tweeted an update, writing, “Our teachers start training Monday in firearms ccw. While our gov still debates what 2 do we will have trained over 100 school personnel by Saturday.”

Sheriff Jones also announced, “We are also working with fire departments locally to change fire alarm procedure because of last school shooting.”

Sheriff Jones isn’t stopping with firearms training, however. He blasted out multiple Twitter posts Friday, encouraging people to demand answers from their school board members – and to demand action.

“Go to school board meetings and demand the change. More protection in schools. No more fire alarms that just anyone can pull to activate. Hire more armed officers or retired military/police. Give teachers the ability to be armed if they want, with the proper training,” Jones said.