VIDEO: Hillary Clinton spouts sexist comments at Women World Changer event

BY TEAM DML / MAY 13, 2018 /

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Wearing another massive scarf, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women World Changers event in Melbourne on Thursday.

According to, Clinton knows “what it’s like to be villainized for being a strong and assertive woman in a male-dominated industry,” and she spent her time at the event spouting numerous theories about what it means to be Hillary Clinton.

Bustle says the former senator has been called a lot of things, including: “Shillary, nasty woman, a demon, the Wicked Witch of the Left, and yes, even the devil.” Although it left out a few of her more popular monikers, the sampling the report provided was presented as proof that Clinton’s detractors like to call her names. In addition, her voice and physical appearance have also been “torn apart.”

Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female prime minister, apparently “battled a similar rhetoric when she came into office in 2010.”

The two women spent more than 20 minutes in the video below “swapping stories” about the obstacles women in politics face, including “pesky rumors of witchcraft.”

Some of the gems spoken by Clinton include:

  • “Research shows the more successful a man becomes, the more people like him. But for women, it’s the exact opposite. Women are seen favorably when we advocate for others, but unfavorably when we advocate for ourselves.”
  • People feel free to comment on women’s physical appearance or style “because we are still getting used to seeing women in [public] roles.” Men’s looks aren’t remarked upon because people are used to seeing men in such roles.
  • “When you are the only woman doing something or you are the first woman doing something there is no basis of comparison and so the attention is really focused on the superficial in part because people are trying to make sense of it.”
  • “The easiest way to avoid having to look at someone on her merits is to dismiss her on her looks.”
  • People behind such remarks “know the power of misogyny” and “know that, at the very least, you can [use them to] plant doubts about a woman in people’s heads.”
  • “There is this fear, there is this anger, even rage at women seeking power, women exercising power and people fall back on these attacks like you are a witch or you should go to prison.”

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