VIDEO: Pence, Pelosi, Schumer make comments following meeting

JANUARY 9, 2019

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Washington (CNN) — President Donald Trump walked out of discussions to end a partial government shutdown, now in its third week, calling discussions with congressional Democrats “a total waste of time.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Top congressional Democrats blasted Trump after the meeting Wednesday afternoon, accusing him of indifference to struggling federal workers and not trying to negotiate as the government shutdown drags on.

“Unfortunately, the President just got up and walked out,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “He asked Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi, ‘Will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up and said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss,’ and he just walked out. Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way, and he just walked out of the meeting.”

“He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for money, but they can’t,” Pelosi said.
She added, “If you don’t understand financial insecurity then you would have a policy that takes pride in saying, ‘I’m going to keep government shut down for months or years unless you totally agree to my position.’ “
Top Republicans spoke to the media after the Democratic statements and took issue with their characterization of the meeting, though they did not dispute that Trump left the meeting. Among them were Vice President Mike Pence, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and South Dakota GOP Sen. John Thune.

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  1. Melanie Cronn January 9th, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    He’s tried to negotiate, but they said no, so there was nuthin left to say. Well done sir


  2. CJ January 9th, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Stay strong Mr. President. I b.c. support you in this.


  3. Joanne January 9th, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Schumer and Palos are full of it and Schumer is lying in this last video, these two really need to leave their jobs so maybe something could get done. It Schumer and Palos that won’t budge for anything unless its what they want, its these 2 that are not letting these people get their paycheck. President Trump would negotiate the amount, they are the ones that won’t budge. So sick of these two.


  4. Sandra Thompson January 9th, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    Nothing Pelosi or Schumer says will make any sense.
    I wonder if they have thought that their hatred of Trump and their evil could very well lead to Civil War.
    What they are doing is very wrong and they are putting us at risk, as far as I’m concerned they should be impeached and kicked out of their positions.
    What our we going to do if this continues?


  5. Mark January 9th, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    Executive order # 2e varify


  6. Karen January 9th, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    President Trump do not wait for Pelosi &
    Schumer they are stubborn and can keep
    shutdown even one year Pelosi said.Get the hel out two bedmates.Two devils do not care.


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