Women’s March group announces big plans for 2018


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After reflecting on 2017 as “the year that we organized” leaders of the Women’s March are looking ahead to the remainder of 2018, calling it the “year that we act.”

According to an opinion editorial written in The Hill by Bettina Hager, the Washington director and chief operating officer of the ERA Coalition, a grassroots organizer and advocate for gender equality, the Time’s Up initiative launched at the Golden Globe Awards is a good springboard for the efforts of those associated with the Women’s March.

Contending that the 2018 election cycle is “primed to be one of the most influential political moments in recent history” due to the number of women identified as potential candidates for the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and state governorships being nearly double the number it was at the same time in the 2016 election cycle, Hager said that “women are set to take center stage.”

Despite her enthusiasm, Hager asserts that “Women are far from being represented fairly, or even afforded the 30 percent ‘critical minority’ of the population that is considered necessary for a group to exert political influence. Moving to action depends critically on supporting women candidates and electing them to office.”

Hager wrote that the 2018 Women’s March official event is titled “Power to the Polls,” which foreshadows “the emphasis that will be placed in making sure that women turn out to vote — and vote in their interests.”

Issues on which associates of the Women’s March will focus include the advancement of women’s equality, ending sexual harassment and assault, pay inequality, and inadequate access to health care, among others.

Hager also predicted “a renewed push for the passage and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA would guarantee constitutional equality for women and men, a right that never has existed.”

Hager argued that the United States “was built on a foundation of gender inequality that we haven’t adequately addressed. Every issue women face in today’s society can be traced to this root cause. Until we right the wrongs of our past, we cannot truly move forward. We need a fundamental change, and it seems the timing couldn’t be better.”

A sampling of some of the group’s latest Twitter posts are seen below:

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