DML NEWS is quickly becoming the most trusted digital news source in the United States.

Launched by Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), DML NEWS publishes breaking news and political insight throughout the day, seven days per week.

Much smaller and faster than the mainstream media outlets, but much bigger and faster than the solo blogger, DML NEWS is the perfect size for people who want information they can trust delivered in a timely and consistent manner.

DML NEWS consists of a team of independent writers, reporters and journalists who are strategically located throughout the United States.

Through the use of a proprietary system developed by DML, the accuracy of DML NEWS makes it head and shoulders above the other outlets who jam up social media feeds with news that is often biased, missing information, or slanted in a way that tells only half the story.

DML NEWS publishes approximately 50 news reports and stories each day, seven days per week.

Many of the stories and reports covered by DML NEWS are leads which we receive from our readers.