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OCTOBER 9, 2019

The TeamDML family and DML NEWS APP readership is always very supportive of my work, and so I want to express how much I appreciate you all!

If there is one disappointment I’ve had over the past decade, it’s that my films haven’t received mass distribution.  It’s not because they fail to address interesting topics.  It’s not because they are poorly produced.  It’s because they expose the truth about immigration and homelessness.  My films are not politically correct, and so Hollywood rejects them.  Meanwhile, I work so hard on these films — many times risking my life or health — other times including my family as part of the production team.  We put our hearts and souls into these documentaries and yet they never see the silver screen.

The most recent rejections are the UNITED STATES OF TENTS and They Come to America IV.

The homeless film I made with my two oldest kids should be in every film festival and every movie theater across the nation, and yet we were rejected from every festival we applied to.  That said, AOC’s film about her socialist agenda and rise to fame was accepted to the same festivals that rejected UNITED STATES OF TENTS.

My new film on immigration, THEY COME TO AMERICA 4: The Cost of Politics, is the most important work I have ever done.  And it too is being rejected.  I received a message from a top name in DC this week, he said he would not help spearhead a film premier in DC because lawmakers won’t show up to the premier. When I asked why, he said they won’t want to support the film in an election year.

Truth is, if it was not for the great people who follow me on Facebook and who visit my websites; if it was not for TeamDML members; and if not for all the people who used to watch me on NewsMax and Fox News, my documentaries would never be seen in all 50 states.

For $50, I will send you 3 copies (DVDs) of UNITED STATES OF TENTS, plus 3 Trilogy DVDs (They Come to America I, II, and III), and 3 DVDs of They Come to America 4.  That’s 9 DVDs all in one shipment.  I ask you to send the extras off to people.  I care less who you give them to, but just be sure they go to people who will watch them.  Help me get the messages out!

So, one more time: The deal is $50 for 3 copies of each film on immigration (They Come to America I, II, III, and IV) plus 3 copies on homelessness.  It’s a very good deal and one that makes me very happy today on my 50th.  I thank you in advance.

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