DML: Half my bulk inventory is gone in 5 hours!

MAY 22, 2020

Written by DML
Last night I announced on Facebook that we would begin selling wholesale to the public.  People listening came in and nearly wiped away half the inventory already.  I thought it would last for two weeks, it looks like it will last for three days.  Do not miss out.  Go to and read more about the program below (taken from the same webpage

As demand grows for the products offered by DML CBD, so does the opportunity to buy at lower prices.  Thus, DML CBD proudly announces a new wholesale program designed for consumers like you.

Originally, DML CBD products were manufactured in modestly sized lots with the plan of selling single bottle orders to individuals.  Over time, we’ve come to learn that individuals like you  prefer to buy in bulk if it means they save money.

With the above in mind, DML CBD is now manufacturing its products in huge lots.  Doing so helps drive down our costs.  We are passing the savings on to you.  As for today, you can pay much less for DML CBD products if you’re willing to buy a little more. In addition to saving money, it protects you from running out of product each month.

This new program is based on collective buying. When many individuals buy in small bulk, we as the manufacturer deem it one big bulk sale.  Unlike traditional wholesalers who sell business to business,  we cut out the middle man and give you, the end user, the chance to buy at prices that are more affordable.  In many cases, you will pay less than we’d sell to a traditional retailer.

With the above in mind, the offers you find here will change often.  Meaning, the program is based on the availability of bulk lots.  We will announce new lots as they become ready for sale. To get these announcements, download the free DML NEWS APP from Google Play Store or the Apple IOS Store and turn on the notifications. When a new lot is up for wholesale purchase, you’ll get a notification.

We cannot guarantee how often new offers will be available for wholesale, nor can we predict quantities and pricing.  It’s much like shopping at Costco.  If you see a product available on this page, then you should grab it right away (today) because it may be gone before you return again, plus, there is no guarantee of when it will be available again.

On this page below are listings of the DML CBD products and packages that are currently offered in our new wholesale program. Under each product is pricing.  The first amount listed is the price for a single bottle purchase. The next price is for our popular “3-pack” deals, which contain 3 bottles per order.  Then we list the new wholesale price, and below that is the new mega wholesale price.

If you want to buy a single bottle or the 3-pack, then click the dollar amount for that product and you’ll be taken to the respective pages.  But if you want to buy wholesale or mega wholesale, then click the yellow BUY NOW button under the wholesale or mega wholesale price.   Also take note of the supply status.  We update this every few hours.

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