DML: Smart people listen and then take action

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Written by DML
There is a danger to pushing things off.  The danger is called wasted time.

I believe time is the greatest commodity there is.  It is certainly more valuable than money.  Without time what else is there?

I urge you to stop wasting time.  Feel great again.

Today, I posted to my morning briefing a testimonial that was conveyed to me over a phone call.  Here is what it reads:

“I got a phone call from a dear friend who wanted to discuss Social Security and the negative impacts of the Trump budget plan.  After telling him there was nothing to worry about, Trump is not cutting Social Security, my friend dove into the story about Ron.  The pain in Ron’s shoulder and neck was extreme, and his ability to do various activities including his love of playing golf was hampered.  Ron had tried other CBD products, nothing worked.  My friend recommended DML PURE CBD SOFTGELS to Ron.  A few months later, Ron was seeing improvement in his shoulder.  They just played golf together for the first time in months.”

This sort of story is becoming a never ending pattern.  I am sure that within another couple of months Ron’s golf game will be back to where it was for as long as he remains steady in taking his DML PURE.  My confidence is based on my own experience, and the testimonials of so many customers who say they cannot live without our products.  It is wonderful to feel great again.


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