EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton congratulates first Muslim women in state senate victory, touts own organization’s efforts in Dem wins

NOVEMBER 6, 2019

Defeated 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touted the efforts of her progressive “OnwardTogether” funding organization and it’s benefactors for their work in “changing the map for Democrats” in the elections Tuesday evening.

Clinton also gave a special “shout-out” to the first Muslim woman elected the Virginia state senate, Ghazala Hashmi.  She tweeted:

Congratulations to all the volunteers, organizers, and candidates who worked their hearts out, win and lose, in 2019. Let’s celebrate the amazing wins, especially in Virginia (a new trifecta!), and let’s keep building everywhere. Onward!

I’m so proud of @OnwardTogether partners & grantees like @ArenaSummit, @IndivisibleTeam, @RunForSomething, @SwingLeft, @VotoLatino, @EmergeAmerica, and more who recruited candidates, mobilized voters, and changed the map for Democrats. And I know you’re just getting started. 💪

I also want to shout out @Hashmi4Va, the first Muslim woman elected to the VA State Senate. As she said yesterday, her victory “belongs to all of you who believed that we needed to make progressive change here in Virginia, for all of you who felt that you haven’t had a voice.”

Hashmi responded, “I am deeply honored by your words, Secretary Clinton. You broke so many glass ceilings for women in public service.”

One Republican Twitter user called Clinton out for her tweet, writing, “Let’s also give a shout out to @DanielCameronAG, the first black Attorney General in Kentucky!! Or does that not matter since he’s a Republican, Hillary? 🤔#HypocriteHillary

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