EXCLUSIVE: How you can help in Trump re-election effort

JANUARY 11, 2020

Iran, impeachment, 2020 election, Never Trumpers, the Resistance, the swamp… the list goes on – Trump is clearly under a massive amount of pressure. One group intends to support him every step of the way.

TeamDML was created by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), known for his “They Come To America” films and for “United States of Tents” (now streaming on Amazon Prime). DML, who is also the founder of DML News App, launched the social group as an answer to the endless censoring of conservatives on Facebook.

TeamDML is a place to discuss important news, share experiences, and support other like-minded individuals and SUPPORT TRUMP 2020!

In 2020, TeamDML is focused on President Donald J. Trump’s reelection, as well as helping more conservatives win public office. They are ALWAYS focused on America: securing our borders, maintaining the safety and security of its citizens, and protecting their rights.

Activism efforts are supported by daily emails that help focus mass response to specific causes.

Members of TeamDML also get access to a daily show where DML and guest hosts talk about important issues in a no-nonsense way, never spouting conspiracies and always helping members to be the most informed, smartest people in the room.


Here’s what some of the current members of the team say:

Northa Kay Lisenby: “Hearing the truth about what is really going on actually a true unbiased truth , I Love Michael Cutler , I have learned so much from Dennis Michael Lynch ! He’s funny too and he shares his family with us ! He loves AMERICA and us !

“Being a member of TEAM DML , gives me friendships I would have never had ! Belonging to this TEAM gives me hope and the know how to be the smartest person in the room ! I love our team and knowing that we work together for our President and our Country ! I am a very proud member!”

Debby Durrett SchauermannDML explains things in a way that I can Understand what is going on in politics. I appreciate having insight and Truth! Makes Me “The Smartest Person in The Room”!

Alicia Hope: “My husband and I have been watching DML since late 2015/early 2016. We love him for his unbiased honesty and unmatched knowledge of the issues, especially when it comes to illegal immigration. He is a straight talker and you always get the truth from DML!”

Nathan Paul Quinn: “Been watching him since the walk and talks about 2 years ago. He’s like the conservative big brother I never had. He’s no nonsense and a God fearing man. I like that I can trust his news aggregate whenever they post. God bless team DML.”

Karen Strey Wilson: “Knowledge and TRUTH. DML has helped me gain the confidence to verbally support my beliefs with facts. After 42 years of oppression and belittling, I’m finally able to get my husband to shut up by stating facts in a calm and reasonable voice.”

Debbie Woytko: “I love his patriotism, his love for our military and LEOs, plus his insight into the issues! Bonus, the truth!!”

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