EXCLUSIVE: The one thing that will outlast the Trump economy

JANUARY 13, 2020

Written by DML
President Trump’s two biggest accomplishments in three years are simple to measure.  One: He has loaded the Supreme Court with conservatives. Two: the economy is doing great because of his tax law, and the deregulation of bad regulations put in place by Obama.

In the same way not every Supreme Court justice will live forever, this economy will cool down at some point.  An economic slowdown is not something that can be avoided. In the same way death is unavoidable, all markets and economies retreat at some point.  It’s the ebb and flow that makes the world economies work.

With the above in mind, I am overly confident that one thing will continue to skyrocket even when the economy starts to cool: MIRACLE ME and DML PURE CBD.

When the economy cools, people will cut back on things they don’t need.  Meaning, the “nice to have” things will go, and the “must have” things will stay.  For example, “nice to have” things like going out to dinner at that pricey restaurant in town will be removed from the family budget.  Going on vacation will also be skipped.  Putting in new windows and having the kitchen remodeled will be put off.  But MIRACLE ME and DML PURE CBD will remain a must have.

I launched DML CBD in July, 2019.  I have come to learn that eliminating pain for a person is like granting them a miracle.  Therefore, if the decision between dining out and killing pain is to be made, I think 99.99% of people will choose to kill the pain and eat at home.

In the coming weeks, I will speaking much about DML CBD distributorships.  This will offer every American the opportunity to jump onto a business opportunity that I believe is recession proof.  I will be announcing more soon, but in the interim you should start using DML PURE and MIRACLE ME now.  People LOVE our products.  And you can save $50 like our customer Jerry did when he purchased DML PURE CBD and MIRACLE ME together.  You can do the same by going to DMLcbd.com/great.

Jerry is a DML CBD customer.  He asked me yesterday if he can invest every penny he has into MIRACLE ME and DML PURE.  Jerry is from Florida, and he wants to buy every single state on the east coast when I begin offering DML CBD distributorships. “I want to invest everything I have!”, he tells me.   How can you blame the man considering he is back to playing golf and playing with his grand children for the first time in years now that he is on a regular program using MIRACLE ME and DML PURE CBD 900mg Softgels.

Jerry is just one of many, many, many people who are experiencing the incredible transformation in his life after using our CBD products.  When used every single day, DML PURE CBD can provide an entirely better body experience.  Upsides can include better sleep, less pains and aches, less inflammation, and better mood.  With MIRACLE ME, the pain relief body oil attacks the immediate points of pain within minutes.  When used together, the result is typically amazing in the sense that the user feels great again.  Save $50 right now by going to DMLcbd.com/great and get started with a DML PURE CBD Softgels and a bottle of MIRACLE ME.  Go now: DMLcbd.com/great

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