EXCLUSIVE: WATCH: Patrons less than enthused when Elizabeth Warren visits restaurant

FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Videos circulating on social media of Elizabeth Warren visiting a New Hampshire restaurant earlier this week are getting mocking reviews, as patrons seems less than excited to see her there.

Warren came in at fourth place in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, with only 9.2 percent of the vote, which netted her zero delegates.

Rueters reporter Joseph Ax posted one video on Twitter Sunday morning, writing, “Elizabeth Warren dropped by Blake’s restaurant in Manchester this morning to chat with patrons ahead of Tuesday’s election.”

Warren is seen greeting one couple upon arriving at the restaurant.

However, another video of the restaurant visit that received the most attention is of Warren approaching a large group eating at a table, and they all practically ignore her.

Twitter users are weighing in:

One person wrote sarcastically, “Hi, I’m here to interrupt your family meal and nothing more. Thank you for the free photo op. I’ll be wandering aimlessly about while you try and eat. Thanks again… Enjoy my entourage interrupting your day…Vote Democrat! This is what we do! We’ll send you the bill!”

Another posted screenshots of everyone looking bored:

“Conservative Millennial” wrote, “These people remind me of me when I’m walking through Costco trying to avoid making eye contact with the guy trying to sell everyone solar panels.”

“Warren looks like she’s trying to get their order…. they’re like- We ordered already!!!!!!Warren looks like she’s trying to get their order…. they’re like- We ordered already!!!!!!” another mocked.

Another Twitter user quipped, “I’m Elizabeth Warren and I’m running for President.”
“Great. Can you find our waitress? I need a refill on my Coke.”

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