New study is bullshit

MAY 21, 2020

Columbia model depicts anti-Trump rhetoric
If the United States had begun imposing social-distancing measures one week earlier in March, about 36,000 fewer people would have died in the pandemic, according to new estimates from Columbia University disease modelers.

The NY TIMES writes: And if the country had begun locking down cities and limiting social contact on March 1, two weeks earlier than when most people started staying home, a vast majority of the nation’s deaths — about 83 percent — would have been avoided, the researchers estimated.

DML – B*llshit.  These models are for idiots.  I’m still stuck on the last model that said 2 million people will die!  Here’s the truth… you need a huge immune system that can protect you from this sort of virus.  Everything else is speculation and modeling.  So you can either sore with the eagles, or shit with the pigeons.  Be an eagle, get DML CBD POWER!  At   ALTHOUGH KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU GO.  Later today, I will be making a HUGE announcement about DML CBD and a new program that will save you TONS of money on your favorite products.  The announcement will be at 8:30pm ET on Facebook LIVE.

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