POLL: Do you support ‘red flag’ laws?


As details emerge about the gunman who killed seven and injured at least 19 during a shooting rampage in Texas, many are alarmed about his criminal record.

According to police, the 36-year-old shooter began a criminal career during his teenage years. Additionally, a neighbor of the west Texas shooter said he “came to her house last month with a big rifle and yelled at her for leaving trash in a nearby dumpster.”

The neighbor, Veronica Alonzo, said her neighbor would frequently shoot at animals out of a structure on top of his house.

Alonzo said she told police about the incident last month, but they never responded because they couldn’t find her house on GPS.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s “red flag” law was recently used against former Marine, Shane Kohfield, 32. Kohfield was not charged with a crime, but he was asked to surrender five guns after he made threatening comments in public during a demonstration outside in Portland, Ore.

“If Antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” Kohfield said to a crowd, the Oregonian reports. “I’d slaughter them, and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out Antifa.”

Kohfield admitted that he “looked unhinged” and “dangerous” but he insisted that he didn’t have any violent intentions. It’s not clear when Kohfield’s weapons will be returned to him.

OregonLive reports that Oregon’s red flag law means “police, family members or roommates can petition a judge for an ‘extreme risk protection order’  barring gun possession. If an order is granted, the person named in it has 24 hours to turn over all guns to law enforcement, a qualified third party or gun dealer. The order stands for a year but can be extended indefinitely by a judge.”

These laws are typically opposed by supporters of Second Amendment gun rights.

We ask you, do you think tragedies like the one that occurred in Texas could be prevented by red flag laws?

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