POLL: Trump leaves door open to Kemp endorsement. Should he do it?

AUGUST 10, 2022

Prior to delivering his keynote speech at a CPAC event in Dallas, Texas last Saturday, former President Donald Trump left the door open to the possibility he may end up supporting Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in his November re-election bid.

Trump has previously blasted Kemp over the 2020 election results, and had endorsed former Sen. David Perdue in a hotly-contested GOP primary in May.

Kemp defeated Perdue in a landslide 73.7% percent victory, and now faces Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams.

A Fox News reporter asked Trump if he plans to support Kemp in the November election against Abrams.

Trump simply replied, “We’ll be looking at everything,” and ended the interview.

In a Monday interview on “The Guy Benson Show,” Kemp was asked if he would accept an endorsement from Trump.

He responded, “Look, I want everybody’s endorsement going into this November 8th election. That’s what I said after primary. It’s time for all Republicans to unite and really all Georgians to unite against Stacey Abrams who scares a lot of people.”

“She’s been funded by the likes of George Soros and California donors and New York donors trying to have their way with our state- that’s what I’m seeing around the state is all Republicans are uniting but even people in the middle are worried about how extreme Stacey Abrams is and where she would take our state and I want to keep Georgia moving in the direction that has been with good opportunity no matter what your zip code or your neighborhood and that’s what we’re working hard to do,” Kemp added.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION. In order to stop Abrams from winning the governor’s seat in Georgia, should Trump bury the hatchet and endorse Kemp?

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