Watch Live: White House coronavirus task force holds press briefing

MARCH 25, 2020

The White House coronavirus task force will hold a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

The briefing comes after senate Democrats, Republicans and the White House came to an agreement late Tuesday on a nearly $2-trillion stimulus package mean to boost the economy and support workers after the coronavirus outbreak.

The package includes help for businesses, hospitals, direct payments to most Americans and a boost to unemployment compensation.

As the nation still responds to new guidelines for slowing the spread of coronavirus, especially to protect vulnerable Americans, President Donald J. Trump and his task force are working to determine the next steps, including potentially reopening American businesses and loosening guidelines for Americans.

The latest COVID-19 stats (as of 5 pm ET):

    • Global Coronavirus Cases: 463,412
    • Global Deaths: 20,912
    • Global Recovered: 113,802
    • US Coronavirus Cases: 64,769
    • US Coronavirus Deaths: 910
    • US Recovered: 393

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